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Galapagos Islands Photos

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Santa Fe Island, Galapagos, Ecuador; a Galápagos Mockingbird (Nesomimus parvulus) perched on a branch, with it's beak open in song, the Galapagos Mockingbird descended from the Ecuadorian Long-tailed Mockingbird. There are three other species of mockingbirds found on the Galapagos Islands, but the Galapagos Mockingbird is the first one that was found in Darwin's trip to the islands in 1835. They had a greater influence than any other animal on Darwin's theory of evolution when he arrived there because it was the first species that Darwin noticed distinct differences among when he looked from island to island. It has a very clear call that sometimes varies, but unlike other mockingbirds, Galápagos mockingbirds are not mimics. , Copyright © Matthew Meier, All Rights Reserved